Friday, November 27, 2009


yesterday was so FUN

Saturday, November 21, 2009

meaning of love

i'm chatting with my friend and the topic is about LOVE..haha
it is such a hard topic i think, but it is so fun
and we find that love is difficult to be understood
but it will find a way in the right time right moment..
hmm complicated, isn't it?
so what do you think?
what's love?

Friday, November 13, 2009

i love you Landon

hey, i have a puppy now..
he called Landon..
do you know why i called it Landon?
yeah because i like the character of the main actor of A Walk to Remember
he is a poodle, and he is cute
he likes to bite and bite and biteeee..
he likes to lick lick and lick



Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

welcome november

hmm..cepet banget ya..
udah november aja..astaga..
udah ampir penghujung taun..

Monday, October 26, 2009

one thing

one thing that I'm thinking right now is KARTUL
and now i'm so tired and sleepy..oh God, please help me...

Friday, October 23, 2009


hey, i'm back for along 4 days and 3 nights retreat..hehe
and these are some pics :

ips society

with Tika "cantik"

first role play at wisma samadi

Saturday, October 17, 2009

cooking class


my lovely friend's birthday is today
hari sabtu kulalui dengan mengikuti kegiatan masak di sekolah
dan hari ini kita masak bolu ubi
huah, untuk membuatnya lumayan cepat dan intinya adalah proses mixing nya harus agak lama sama semua teraduk rata..dan..

ini lah hasilnya

terus karena sebagian anak kan ada yang retreat jadinya xod gabung deh sama kelompok kita dan agaknya sih berkat ada dia kelompok kita dibilang bagus hasil kuenya..hahaha
thx ya xod!

Friday, October 16, 2009


today is world food day with theme of this year is "achieving food security in times of crisis"

do the article for chapter 2
awake until 12 pm and then give a happy bday text message to my lovely friend
chatting till drop haha, enjoy this saturday night

wo bu pei - jay chou
way back into love -hugh grant & halley bennett
angel of mine - mymp
ku ingin kau tahu - adrian martadinata
kiss the rain - hienie dao

Thursday, October 15, 2009

a lot of thanks, pal..









thank you my friend for your prayer..
it so much mean to me
well i just can do this

exclusive class

huaa..hari ini teman2 di ips 2 pergi retret gelombang 2
cuma menyisakan 4 org yg katolik (nantinya di gelombang 3) dan 5 org yang non katolik (nantinya di gelombang 4)
jadi kita ber-9 ini dipindah kelasnya bareng sama ips 1
hmm..beda kelas tentunya suasananya juga lain..
tapi yauda lah..
sepanjang hari ini juga kita ngulang pelajaran yang uda kita dapet kemarinnya..
terus di plajaran terakir, kita ber-9 dibolehin ke perpus gitu akirnya kita nonton film deh
haha..really such an exclusive class

critanya tentang 2 keluarga yang akhirnya bersatu. si istri udah punya 10 anak dan si suami sudah punya 8 anak. haha..can you imagine if this happen to you?
overall critanya bagus kok lucu juga dan ada sweet2nya..hehe
huah..ya bgitu deh..
slamat retret teman2 ips 2,,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

another boring time

ayo semangat Rosa!

Monday, October 12, 2009

unimportant complaint

so many tasks to do
and i don't know what i must done first..
i'm really tired..
and maybe it is happen because i don't know i feel like
i don't have a good mood enough to do whatever i want

oh..when it will be over?
God, please help me..


i think it is enough to express my feeling

oh..look at this sky
it is dark and also cloudy
it will be rain?
maybe.. is seems gloomy..
just like what i'm feeling right now..
oh i don't know why
maybe i just feel tiresome..
do you ever feel when you have somebody to lean on
somebody whom you trust and you can't stop thinking about for along days
and then he/she had a problem but nothing you can do?
it is sad..really sad..
you can't read his/her mind..
i'm really tired..
i don't know what i have to do
i'll pray for him
for a better life he will bring..
maybe i just don't know how to express my feeling
even i don't know what's my feeling inside..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

miss you all my friends

ah jadi kangen masa smp nih..
tadi baru buka fb eh trus baru inget tmn smp gw ada yg ultah..
"happy bday, bay"
abis gitu bermunculan wall dr tmn2 smp gw yg laen..
miss you so much guys..
udah pada berubah kali ya smuanya?
mulai dr penampilan, sikap mungkin..hemm hemm..
but everybody's changing and i don't feel the same
kapan ya gw punya waktu buat ketemu dan ngobrol2 sama mreka lagi?

suasana gradday smp

hang out

Saturday, October 10, 2009

how are you my friend?

huah..i dont want to sleep now..
well im tired and sleepy but i dont want to is october 10th so next week is october 17th
and you know what? october 17th is my best friend's bday
but i can't reach her because she is in malaysia now..
malaysia where the country is stealing some of indonesian heritage..
huff..hate malaysia!
okay i dont want to tell about malaysia..
oh..i miss her so much
we are friend since elementary school until junior high
and then we separate in high school

.. me and her..

well maybe im not be good friend to her
because i even didnt meet her when she want to go to malaysia
and also there is a problem between her and my friend
i dont know why it's happen
but nothing i can do, i can't solve it
it is a little bit complicated
i dont know what the problem is
even my friend didnt know too
it caused her and my friend never talk anymore...
what can i do?
she really enjoy her new life in malaysia and well it is a little bit different
i think she is changing now..
all i can do is just talk with her on msn or facebook :(
but still i'll be remembering her as my best friend.
love you, my bestie..miss you so much
when you will come home to indonesia?
do you enjoy your life in malaysia now?

nothing hurts like love..what do you think about love? is long time i haven't write any story ya? haha
well, i have read a novel that i borrowed in my school library..
the title is "Aku dan Cerita Cinta" it is written by Veronica.
dengan subtitle "nothing hurts like love"
ceritanya seputar cinta..cinta dan cinta..
there are beautiful poems inside and many sweet words :)
enak dibaca karena critanya mengalir, bener2 bisa menikmati rasanya cinta itu walaupun ada sih sebagian kata2nya yang agak gitu deh..bikin serem..hehe
trus in the end nya ada kata2 manis tentang apa itu cinta..
sesuai dengan subtitlenya, "nothing hurts like love, kamu akan merasakan cinta yang sesungguhnya kalau kamu sudah merasakan sakit"..hmm..
but it is a great novel i think

so what do you think about love??

Friday, September 11, 2009

right here waiting

oceans apart day after day
and I slowly go insane
I hear your voice on the line
but it doesn't stop the pain
if I see you next to never
but how can we say it forever
wherever you go
whatever you do
I will be right here waiting for you
whatever it takes or how my heart breaks
I will be right here waiting for you
I took for granted all the times
that I thought would last somehow
I hear the laughter i taste the tears
but I can't get near you now
oh can't you see it baby?
you've got me going crazy
I wonder how we can survive this romance
but in the end if I'm with you
I'll take the chance

~Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx

I can only wondering why
why you never came to me anymore
I'm sorry if I made a mistake and hurt you
but still I don't know why you disappear from me
I know that day I had a chance
a chance to fix it and have the answer (maybe)
but when it came closer
I didn't brave enough
is it wrong if I just want to know
what's happen to you, what's your plan
oh please all I can do is just waiting
all the way that come from you

Love Isn't - Same same

Do you ever wake up in the morning alone?

And do you ever wish that there was some way you could stay at home?

With somebody who love you and needs you

With somebody who helps to complete you

But I’ve made mistakes and I know for sure

I won’t forget to remember

Love isn’t Always as you see it

Love isn’t Always as you dream it should be

Love isn’t Always gonna find you

But this is love

Cause you’re all I’m thinking of

I wanna tell you that I’m sorry I didn’t mean that

I wanna say I love you but will I hear those words come back

From somebody who loves me and needs me

From somebody who helps to complete me

But there’s one concern that I must consider

Before I start to paint my picture

I’m gonna take my chances

I’m gonna lay my heart out on the line (on the line this time)

I’m gonna love you endlessly

But I’ll keep this in the back of my mind

~Same same - Love Isn't


yippie! finally mid test is over
bener-bener ga kerasa tau tau udah hari jumat lagi aja..
waktu ternyata cepet banget ya?
yah kadang cepet kadang rasanya lama bgt juga sih..
however mid test is over! haha
oh ya i have got a headache when i did the math test
wow it's never happen to me
when i went to school i felt dizzy and when i worked out the math test, it was more getting me hurt but i must do the test so i made it through..
whoaa hope i will get the best score for my dizziness mathematic

Friday, September 4, 2009

mid test

today is a first mid test on my school..
every mid test there are two subjects
today is economy and religion subjects
economy consist of economy, accountancy, and econometri
i don't know how the result is
i hope i and all of the students can do the test well and have a great score

hope that tomorrow will be a great day. amen.

Monday, August 24, 2009

ferris wheel

life must goes on

sometime everybody come to turn you on

sometime everybody let you down

time always changing their mind

just like a ferris wheel on a dreamland

it move to up above the sky and down to the land

Singapore Flyer

I'm walking away from the troubles in my life

I'm walking away oh to find a better day

~Craig David

Monday, August 17, 2009

happy independence day Indonesia

64 years Indonesia being an independence country. This country that we called an archipelago located in south east of Asia. The capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta. So many things that Indonesia can offer for you, like :

  • the culture (so many traditional languages, traditional dances, traditional foods, traditional song, traditional attractions, and so many more)
  • a tour places such as

Candi Borobudur, Jogjakarta

  1. if you like to go diving, surfing, swimming, Indonesia can offer you such a beautiful place that you can enjoy it (you must visit Bali, Bunaken, Pangandaran, Kepulauan Seribu, etc.)

  2. you can also shopping with the affordable prices (you must visit Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta,etc.)

  3. if you like to go eating, hmm so many cuisine in Indonesia you can meet a western food, chinese food, italian food, thai food, indian food,etc.

  4. many zoo in Indonesia and you can find many kind of animals and plants that you never seen before. (you must visit Taman Safari, Ragunan, Kebun Raya Bogor, Kep. Komodo, etc.)

  5. museums and dreamland (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Museum Geologi,and so many more)

Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Dufan, Jakarta
  • the weather : Indonesia have a tropic climate and just have 2 weathers rainy or sunny.

Yeah because Indonesia consist of many islands and provinces so many places that you must visit it. So if you mind to visit Indonesia, let exchange your money into Rupiah. You won't be regret if you come and see Indonesia. So, have you ever been go to Indonesia? Visit Indonesia!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

happy bday papa

can you imagine there is a two test in a day and that's happen in the first lesson and second lesson? so after you done your first test you have to do the second test. There is no break time after first's happen in my class today. First we were going to do the accountancy test and second we were going to do a mathematic test. Hello, what a great day! haha. Ya this is my school life and tomorrow there is a seminar about gender. So there will be no lesson tomorrow and the day after tomorrow..yippie! yesterday is my daddy's birthday. happy birthday papa! and as usual we celebrate it by dinner at home. we ate a nasi kuning (an Indonesian food), noodles (all people said that noodles is a symbol for the longevity), pizza, and pudding. happy bday papa i want to make you proud and always happy.

sooner or later

she just opened her mind
she remembered all the story she had
what will you do if she wants you?
can you imagine how does it feel?
you are all she thinking of
and then you just throw up
you never let it come to yours
what happen?

Sooner or later you're gonna wake up
And find what you're looking for
Like a diamond wahsed up on the shore
In the meantime you're feeling like you're lost without a friend
Sooner or later you're gonna love again
Sooner or later you're gonna love again
~Duncan James

Sunday, August 9, 2009


what a tired weekend and I must be ready for another weeks..huff.. ya jadi kemarin aja saya pulang dari sekolah jam 6 sore karena ikut tes bakat. Namanya juga tes bakat di mana-mana juga sama aja soalnya ya kayak bgitu2 aja. For along 6 hours I must sit down at the wooden chair. Hmm dipotong istirahat juga sih, setengah jam-an. Berasa banget brainwash nya kalo ikut tes bakat. Huaah capek banget. Honestly saya paling ga bisa deh sama yang namanya deret angka gitu lah itung2an lah. Waktu mengerjakannya kan juga mesti cepet banget. Ya pokoknya I'm waiting for the resultnya deh. Hope that it really what's in me, hope the result really describe what my talent. Pas sampai di rumah udah sekitar jam 7an. It's not because the traffic (thank God karena biasanya dari sekolah ke rumah bisa makan waktu 1 setengah jam) but I must wait for my brother to pick me up. Trus makan malam deh. After dinner I played piano because today is my first piano examination. Tapi setelah latihan piano gitu saya langsung tepar tidur dari jam stengah 9 sampai pagi jam stengah 6. Mungkin menurut sebagian orang berpikir nih orang kebo amat padahal ya memang ini deh saya cepet banget ngerasa capek ngantuk dan lelah. Pas tadi pagi bangun langsung deh latihan piano lagi. Dan jam 8 pagi tadi saya sudah sampai di tempat piano course..Terus masuk ruangan tes nya dan jeng..jeng..jeng..jeng.. huaaaaaaa tangan saya dingin mainnya grogian banget..jantung udah dag-dig-dug kali tuh.. Mainnya ya ga terlalu bagus deh kalo menurut saya. I won't failed! I must be pass the exam..ya I must believe it. Keluar ruangan rasanya uda mau nangis deh karena saya mainnya kurang memuaskan kalo menurut saya sndiri. Semoga aja deh jurinya berkata lain. Ya aku harus lulus dan pasti lulus! Amin. Udah gitu pergi ke gereja deh terus selesai dari gereja saya dan keluarga pergi ke pameran pendidikan (and until now I don't know what university must I choose). If I have much money I wouldn't be hesitate to school abroad. Ya tau sendiri lah life cost nya berapa di sana terus biaya kuliahnya berapa. Harganya bisa sampai beli satu buah mobil yang lumayan bagus. Kalo scholarship gitu juga nilai2 saya kurang bagus. Apalagi yang diliat mat sama bahasa inggrisnya doang. Huahh ya ga memenuhi deh. Kalo kuliah di sini yaa kayak bgitu, univ nya cuma dikit dan banyak yg ga bagus kalo dibanding luar udah gitu anak2nya yang kuliah di sini tau sendiri deh rokok, males2an, clubbing mungkin, pergaulan yang ga sehat mungkin (maaf ya no offense lho ya ini smua kan menurut pandangan saya doang). Entah deh..

I don't want to see my test list on my schedule because it can makes me feel tired and tired..Huaa welcome my exam weeks! Nooooooo.. Wish me luck! GBU.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lord, I offer You my life

Today there is an Eucharist in my school as always every new academic year. We gather in a hall and together we praise Lord. This Eucharist have a theme, "Why is so worried?"

I think the theme is completely reflect our life. Every people has a problem and then they become to worry. They worry about anything happen in their life. They are afraid because can't solve the problem. Even once in a while they are afraid because a little thing that I believe they can solve it well. A clergyman said that you don't have to be worried. And then he asked if we trust in Jesus Christ? Once again he asked to us until he felt that we all believe in God.

Yes, if we are have an almighty God, why we are so worry about anything? We must believe that God always with us and He can do anything everything He wants everything the people want but He will give it in His way. Of course in His time, He will give whatever we want to Him. And there is one beautiful song that we sang together and I would like singing it everytime I feel so down and sad.
Lord, I offer my life to You
Everything I've been through
Use it for Your glory
Lord I offer my days to You
Lifting my praise to You
As a pleasing sacrifice
Lord I offer You my life

Yeah this song is beautiful I think because who gave us the life? The answer is God so I want to offer my life to Him because my life is belong to Him. And I believe God always lead me and everything what happen in my life is a gift from Him.

Monday, August 3, 2009

what should I do

I'm sorry
I've been wondered and wondered
Just thinking about what happened
And now I realize that all the things happened
Because I have a lack
I should know what you did to me
It wasn't a little thing
It was a wonderful day I thought
I'm sorry
I don't know why I made all the things
And everytime I think of you
I remembered what you gave to me
Perhaps you didn't want to return it anymore
But I can't do a big thing that you made
I'm really sorry
Because I didn't believe in what I felt
I'm sorry
Now I need you back
I want to know what's going on with you
I want to know if you are happy or sad
Because I won't regret anymore
And let God works to make it way better

Friday, July 31, 2009

in memoriam

I remembered a happy moment in my life. And now it is over. Tomorrow will be the 6th month since he passed away. I really miss him, my lovely dog, Elmo. He is such a precious present on my birthday. My best friends gave Elmo to me because on my birthday I suggested my friends to give me a puppy. How lucky I am to get what I wanted on my birthday.
But I can't take care of him yeah maybe that's why I lost him. On the first day he came to my home, 21st February, just one hour I could take care of him and then I went to Jazz Night. When I came home, my mom told me that Elmo fell. I was really sad. And I promised to take care of him. Every morning I gave him a dog's food. After school I always played with him. But one day, on Friday night when I washed him, he was different. He became to a quiet puppy. I wondered what happen with him. And then on Sunday morning, I brought him into a veterinarian. The veterinarian said that his condition is really bad. The way is just to let him go. Maybe he could heal by the injection that she gave but it was just a little possibility. On the Sunday afternoon, he passed away. I cried, I lost him. I lost my new little friend. And I can't forget all of the time that we shared together.

Many people told that dog is human's best friend. And I agree with it. Now I really want to have a new puppy. I promise to take care of it. I want to find another Elmo.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Suatu Siang

Untuk waktu yang entah kapan dan bagaimana
Suatu kejadian yang benar-benar tak terduga
Waktu panjang di siang hari
Yang tiba-tiba datang menghampiri
Mungkinkah di siang itu datang seorang peri?
Yang menggelapkan mata dan membuka hati
Suatu siang yang panjang
Kapankah hal itu akan kembali datang?
Sebab tak kumengerti sebenarnya apa yang terjadi
Kemudian dia pun menghilang pergi
Tanpa kubisa temukan jejak hilang kaki
Suatu siang di lain kesempatan
Yang terdengar berita tak menyenangkan
Mengapa harus begitu tiba-tiba, tanpa ada kepastian?
Ternyata peri masih mau mengerti
Keingintahuan hati ini
Dilepaskannyalah kepakan sayap sebelahnya
Walaupun sakit namun ingin minta dikembalikan
Namun mungkin juga ia ingin kepakan yang lain
Hingga di suatu siang kutemukan kembali dia
Namun tetap tak kutemukan penjelasan
Sehingga tidak dapat mengubah keadaan
Mengapa harus peri itu yang selalu membuat penasaran?
Mungkinkah peri itu tak dapat tergantikan?
Akan tetapi, apakah sang peri pernah sedikitpun mengingat siang itu?
Bahkan ia sekarang sudah benar-benar menghilang entah kemana
Apakah harus kukejar kembali?
Dan menjawab semua dahaga hati?
Ataukah biarlah saja ia mengepakkan sayapnya
Biar suatu saat aku yang tahu jejaknya?
Sudah, lupakanlah..
Biarlah hal ini tak terakhiri
Sampai akhirnya dia yang terbangun dan aku pun sudah tak peduli
Semoga akan ada suatu siang yang lebih indah dari siang itu.

Monday, July 27, 2009

teddy bear

recently, I don't know why I love this teddy bear. I'm happy to see it, I'm happy to caress it. Unfortunately this teddy bear is small so I can't hug it. Maybe one day I want to buy another big teddy bear so I can hug it and sleep on it. Or maybe someone want to give me a huge teddy bear? Haha.. I hope I can get a huge teddy bear from my lover :)
This is a gift from my classmate on 11th grade and she gave me on my sweet 17th birthday. Thank you, Verina!
I don't know why I love this stuff. I think this teddy bear looks cute with the scarf on his neck. Now this teddy bear always beside on my bed. Love you teddy :D

where are you

I'm staring out at the sky
Praying that he will walk in my life
Where is the man of my dreams
I'll wait forever, how silly it seems
How does he laugh? How does he cry?
What's the color of his eyes? Does he even realize I'm here?
Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Where is this beautiful guy?
Who is he? Who is he? Who's gonna take me so high?
Where is he? Where is he? Where is this beautiful guy?
Who is he? Who is he? Who's gonna take me so high?

Hello this is my first blog. Glad to be here..